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Northside's Mission Statement
Northside Elementary School is committed to student success and will provide a safe, nurturing, and challenging learning environment.

With the support of faculty, parents, and community, students can grow to their potential and become life-long learners.
Staff Believes
1. Every student has worth and can learn.

2. We will provide a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment that enhances positive self-esteem and successful learning.

3. We will adapt the curriculum to build on the diversity and uniqueness of each child so he/she can succeed at his/her own ability level.

4. We will set high expectations to produce successful students.

5. Every student will develop technology skills and prepare for an ever-changing technological world.

6. Every student will develop his/her ability to cooperate with others and achieve positive interpersonal relationships.

7. The community and parents will join the staff to complete an effective educational team.